• Россия, 664033, г. Иркутск,
    ул. Лермонтова, д.132
  • (3952) 42-67-21

Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (SIPPB SB RAS) is one of the leading scientific institutions involved in the investigations of priority problems of modern plant physiology, molecular biology and plant organisms ecology.

      The scientific research of SIFIBR SB RAS is primarily aimed at the following:

- acquisition of new fundamental data on the basics of vital activity of cells, organisms and their communities and creation on this basis of safe genetically modified plants with valuable characteristics;

- acquisition on resistant highly productive and fast-growing species of agricultural, horticultural, medicinal and arboreal plants, and their cultivation techniques;

- development of highly effective producers of medicinal and other specific substances;

- study of species and ecosystem biodiversity of Eastern Siberia;

- elaboration of monitoring methods for surface ecosystems including agroecosystems, determination of key parameters  of their resource potential, including carbon balance as a function of latitudinal and zonal medium gradients, anthropogenic impact and global climatic changes.  

The Institute is actively involved in educational activities; it organizes training of highly qualified personnel via basic chairs, and post-graduate studies. Besides, the Institute hosts Small School Academy engaged in educational and awareness-raising projects with schoolchildren.

Major trends of the Institute’s activity:

Plant molecular biology;

Genome structure and genetic engineering;

Mechanisms of plant sustainability and productivity;

Physiological and ecological problems of biodiversity.