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The conference will be dedicated to critical issues of contemporary cell biology related to the status of research of molecular mechanisms regulating functions of energy transforming and storing eucariotic cell organelles. Research achievements in the following domains will be presented: regulation of mitochondrial and chloroplast genes expression with the use of genetic engineering approaches; modification of nuclei, chloroplasts and mitochondria genomes aimed solve fundamental and biotechnological problems.

The working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

Major areas:
1. Regulation of plant, animal and yeast mitochondria functions
Respiration and oxidative phosphorylation, regulation of mitochondrial genome expression, mitochondria role in apoptosis and protection from oxidative stress
2. Regulation of chloroplast functions
Chloroplasts biogenesis, photosynthetic apparatus regulation, chloroplasts biosynthetic functions, regulation of plastid genome expression
3. Regulation of vacuole and tonoplast functions
Transport systems of tonoplast and their functioning mechanisms, vacuolar compartments in cell protection from stress
4. Organelle interaction
Mitochondria-to-nucleus, chloroplast-to-nucleus, chloroplast-mitochondrial interactions, anterograde and retrograde regulation of organelles genes expression